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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Question 1 - What is the commercial process
A: The principal of your company is invited to contact Matt Barnes the CEO of Solarate Ltd. Matt will outline the Terms and Conditions of the licence.
Q: Question 2 - How do I know the TRI-slate will work?
A: The technology was developed over a period of extensive research and refinement before being submitted for independent testing at the Fraunhofer Institute in Frieburg. The tests validate all the design objectives.
Q: What is included in the know-How package?
A: You will get a CD-ROM with a complete set of CAD Drawings for all parts fabrication and assembly. In addition, there are complete definitive specifications for all materials employed.
Q: Does Solarate Ltd offer any support after hand-over of the Know-How information?
A: Absolutley. Principlal of Solarate Ltd and designer of TRI-slate - Matt Barnes - will spend two days at your factory to ensure your staff have a full understanding of all issues involved and to provide responses to any queries that might arise. On-going support by telphone/email will be provided, as required
Q: Will Solarate Ltd help with my marketing and sales?
A: We believe that you know your own market(s) best and there is little we could offer to assist.
Q: In what territories can I sell?
A: Anywhere